7 Bohemian Winter Outfits to Keep You Fab and Warm This Coming Season!

Winter is almost here and it’s also time to transition from your light fall fashion items to something a little bit more layered to keep the warmth in.

Of course, if you’re in the middle of a snow storm, you wouldn’t even worry about trying to look fab in a heavy duty wind breaker. You just do anything to stay warm and protected from the blistering cold.

What we’re talking about right now is the day-to-day bohemian winter outfits you can try on a normal winter day where there’s just the right amount of snow and tolerable coldness in the air.

Check these items out and get ready to smoke winter!

Coat Over Dress

Bohemian winter outfits are all about patterns and layers. And, the never-out-of-trend fedora hat. You can totally rock this during the early weeks of winter and transition to something thicker as the season gets closer to its coldest peak.

Maxi Poncho

A maxi poncho is also another stylish way to stay warm in the winter. Pair it up with the right jeans and boots and you’ll be totally fashionable during the season!

Boho Kimono Coat

bohemian winter outfits

You can also sport a long kimono coat with beautiful patterns. You can wear these with sneakers or ankle boots or even a pair of Doc Martens!

Scarves and Patterns

The pattern of the knitted coat makes this boho chic. I love the combination of the earth tones and you can actually make this pop out even more with a vibrant patterned scarf.

Patterned Knits

bohemian winter outfits

If you still like monochromatic combinations, you can add a boho feel by wearing a patterned maxi knitted sweater on top of it.

Boho Cape

bohemian winter outfits

Capes are also very fashionable. There are many of them that are beautifully patterned and can be paired with solids to make them the focal point of your bohemian winter outfits.

Indie Folk Poncho

You can’t get any more hippie than this suede indie folk poncho. It used to keep the native Americans warm even during the hard cold winters! Of course, its not made of the same material but it looks just as fashionable!

Try these seven bohemian winter outfits during this coming winter season and live up to your fab reputation! Just remember, comfort is key. You can’t replace comfort with just wanting to be fashionable. So, learn how to put comfort and style together!




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