6 Affordable Travel Destinations Every Budget Traveler Would Want to Visit

Traveling is a luxury and not everyone can afford this luxury. Like every other commodity, it costs money and sometimes it costs more than you make annually. The only thing that can stop your wanderlust is the lack of finances.

You can’t afford to spend 20-30 grand every time you travel. That would mean you can only travel big time at least once every two years or if you have a high paying job, once every year.

Not to worry for those who want to travel more and spend less. The world is a huge place and there are many affordable travel destinations to see if you’re a budget traveler.


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With the US dollar very strong against the Cambodian Riel right now, traveling to the very historical Cambodia is even more affordable. $1 is equivalent to about 4000 Riel making it possible for a budget traveler to rent an air conditioned room for about $20-$30 per night, eat at $2-$5 per meal and travel across the country for $20-$30 as well.

Cambodia is rich in culture and is a well visited country by foreigners from all corners of the world.



Believe it or not, this Asia powerhouse of a country is quite affordable to go to. $1 will get you about 1100 won and if you stick to their insanely delicious street food in markets like Myeongdong, you can definitely enjoy most of what Seoul has to offer without breaking the bank. Since tourism has boomed for Seoul these past few years, many budget hostels, Air BnB’s and even back packer’s hotels have opened up. If you’re not fancy when it comes to your accommodations and are willing to take the public transpo, Seoul is one of the affordable travel destinations with all the technology comfort.


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The Philippines is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia not only because of tourists but also because of different non-English-speaking foreigners who come to learn English there. The PH is known for it’s beaches and the most popular ones are Boracay and Palawan. Boracay is a party central beach so expect prices to be higher here. Palawan, however, is pretty quiet and affordable. Although there are world-class resorts in the area, there are also decent budget hostels you can stay in and food isn’t that expensive if you’re not looking for gourmet. You can fill your stomach for less than $2 in a carenderia or eatery and a bottle of beer is about $1 or so. Plus, what you spend will be so worth the experience because Palawan is truly one of the best in the whole world.


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I bet you already knew Thailand was going to be on this list. It’s pretty much already a given that Thailand gives you everything worth your travel money. The city is very rich in culture while coastal areas boast about the beauty of their waters and rock formation. Food is not as expensive as other countries also because of their vast variety of street food. Hostels can range from $4-$10 depending on the location, length of stay and number of pax.

Central America

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Smaller Central American countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador are cheaper than the bigger neighboring countries. You can get a meal for about $3-$5, a hotel at about $15-$20 per night and transportation for the same amount you pay for a meal. Plus, the coffee is world class in these countries as well!


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For a European country, Portugal is very budget friendly compared to her neighboring EU neighbors. The city is vibrant, the culinary is superb and the experience is a one in a million. Not many people flock to visit it but that makes it even better for a budget traveler like you! They don’t have to increase their prices because of the supply-demand effect which makes this one of the most affordable travel destinations in Europe.

Have you visited any of these countries? If not, which one of the affordable travel destinations are you going to visit first? I’ve already been to the Philippines and there are still more to see there! But, I have Seoul on top of my list now.

Time to get saving!



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