5 Festive And Chic Advent Calendars

No matter what your age, who doesn’t enjoy a great advent calendar during the holidays? A piece of chocolate everyday for almost month, yes please! Even if you don’t like chocolate or candies, other little goodies can be hidden in the gem of an advent calendar. They make for sweet little pick you ups, and creating one for someone else is even more fulfilling.

Sure, there are a lot of those disposable, one time use advent calendars available and they work great. However, I love the idea of having one you can reuse every year, filling them with your own choice of treats and trinkets. There are a ton of great ideas out their to make your own or ones you can find that one that fits your holiday style.

Of course, I like the sweet, simple yet chic looking advent calendars and I found 5 that I think fits just that. Either way, these are sure to give you some good ideas or inspiration for creating your own advent calendar.

1.Hand Stamped Advent Calendar

This hand stamped advent calendar also comes with small-clothes pins and red and white twine making it easy to hang them in a sweet and festive.

hand stamped advent calendar

2. Peppermint Wood Advent Calendar

Handmade from reclaimed wood, each calendar is one of kind and uses  different materials to create the vignette for each day.

Peppermint Wood Advent Calendar

3. Miniature Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar

This darling advent calendar is made up of linen stockings and you can even purchase the fabulous frames to hang them from if you so wish.

Miniature Christmas Stockings Advent Calendar

4. Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

These muslim bags feature a festive saying for each day of the countdown. The typography is modern and fun.

Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

5. Small Matchbox Advent Calendar

This is a fun and unique twist on the traditional advent calendar. Small matchboxes are decorated to hold a special treat for each day.

Small Matchbox Advent CalendarSmall Matchbox Advent Calendar

Do you use advent calendars? Do you have a great idea for one? Please share your thoughts we love hearing from you.

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