22 Alternative Christmas Trees

Are you looking to have a non-traditional Christmas tree this year? Than these 22 alternative Christmas trees are sure to inspire you. From up cycled or recycled materials to simple elegance or colorful and eclectic there are a plethora of fabulous ideas available. Let your creative side flow and have fun creating your own alternative Christmas tree this holiday season. These ideas work great in a variety of spaces too, whether it is a small apartment or a large home.

1. The Parasol Christmas Tree

Parasol Alternative Christmas Tree

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2. A Darling Mixed Ornaments Christmas Tree

Mixed Ornament Shaped Alternative Christmas Tree

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3. A Ladder Christmas Tree

Ladder Christmas Tree

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4. A Beautiful Drift Wood Christmas Tree

Driftwood Alternative Christmas Tree

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5. A Recycled Wooden Tree With Shelves

recycled wooden tree

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6. A Book Lover’s Christmas Tree

A Book Lover's Christmas Tree

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7. Lovely Yet Simple Pine Branches Christmas Tree

Tree Branches Christmas Tree

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8. Chalk Drawing Christmas Tree

Chalk Wall Christmas Tree

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9. A Lovely Lean To Ladder Christmas Tree

Lean to ladder christmas tree

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