20 Lovely Bohemian Braids

Looking for some beautiful bohemian braids to style your hair with? Look no further. These 20 great styles are timeless and work for many different occasions. Bohemian braids are romantic, soft, fun, funky and can turn any bad hair day around to a good one. And who doesn’t love wearing flowers or ribbons in their hair? They go so lovely with a bohemian braid two.

Don’t worry, even if you are like me, and struggle beyond styling hair any further than a simple ponytail, there are some great looks one can easily achieve on this list. Or grab your best friend, you know the one who has the natural talent of always being able to magnificently style her hair, and show her one of these pics, with pleading puppy dog eyes.  


Bohemian braid

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 Bohemian Braid

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bohemian braid

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