10 Of The Cutest Animals Showing Their Christmas Spirit

Our world would surely be a dull place without our four-legged friends to share it with. These darling animals are sure to help you get in the spirit of Christmas and give you your daily dose of cuteness. They remind us to smile and enjoy the holidays for what they are; a time to spend with loved ones, create new memories, share old stories and of course spread love and peace.

These 10 animals are all dressed up and ready to celebrate the day! Enjoy the magic of the holidays and be sure to give an extra special treat or two to your loving animals this holiday too.

1. Christmas Kitty Sweetness

Christmas kitty

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2. The Reindeer Puppy Is Ready To Pull The Sleigh

Reindeer Puppy

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3. Good Things Come In Small Packages

Hamster Santa

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4. Sweet Santa Bunny

Christmas Bunny

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5. Want To Go For A Christmas Ride?

Christmas Horse

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