Woman Puts Rescued Elephant to Sleep Like a Baby by Singing a Lullaby

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Elephants, as we know, are becoming an endangered species. Illegal poachers have killed many and harvested their tusks to be sold on the black market.

Elephants are gentle creatures but very maternal also. A loss of a baby gives them depression and eventually leads to their death.

Amidst all the cruelty dealt to them, they are still able to form deep and emotional relationships with humans especially with those who care for them.

Meet Lek. Lek is an elephant caretaker in Elephant Nature Parks in Chiang Mai, a city in the northern part of Thailand. Lek takes care of Faa Mai, one of the park’s rescued baby elephants.


Lek puts Faa Mai to sleep with a sweet lullaby every time and Faa Mai just loves it like a baby loves hearing her mother’s singing.

Click the next page button to watch the video where Lek sings a Lullaby to Faa Mai at the elephant nature park.


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