These Vegan Salad Recipes That are Simple and Perfect for Light Dinners at Home

1Mediterranean Mustard Potato Salad


An all-time favorite and is a staple in most American homes. Given a twist, this potato salad is perfect if you want a heavier yet healthy dinner. Though there’s added prep time to cook the potatoes, it’s still worth every second of waiting!

Grab the recipe here!

2Strawberry Spinach Salad

You can definitely skip the cheese if you don’t eat dairy. It would still taste as good and your heart will be happy. If strawberries are in season, give strawberry incorporated vegan salad recipes a try!

Try this recipe here!


3Avocado Black Bean Corn Salad

You didn’t think we’d end this post without including the ever-popular fruit, avocado, right? If you fancy something with a Mexican feel, try this one. It’s colorful, citrus flavored and rich in fiber.

Full recipe here!


That’s five easy and simple vegan salad recipes to tide you over on weeknights. Let loose a bit on weekends and consider them cheat days! After a hard week’s work, you deserve the joy of eating somewhat unhealthier food.

Enjoy dinner!



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