New Years Eve Party Ideas to Help You Have a Rocking Year Ender

1Glitters & Sparkles


New Years eve is all about the glitz. Spice up your boho party with gold glitter dipped feathers and hang them around your space! The lights would bounce nicely off of the glitter.

new years eve party ideas

Or you can do a feather chandelier. Make it pop out even more by dipping them in gold or silver glitter. If you want something more colorful, dip them in rainbow colored glitter.

2Bubbly Bar

What’s a new years eve party without a glass of champagne, or two (or thirteen)? You can also opt to put a soda bar or a cocktail bar for those who don’t want champagne.

But seriously, though. Who doesn’t like champagne?


3Cheese and Deli Bar

This is probably my favorite new years eve party idea. I love cheese and cold cuts and I think they go well with either champagne, wine or beer!

4Pizza Buffet

If you don’t know what to prepare for food, you can always turn to the ever-popular pizza. It’s easy to order and would totally take off a load off your mind.

And, everyone loves it!

5Dance Floor

Of course, you need to have space to shake your booty and get your dance on. There are plenty of places you can rent a disco ball, lights and sounds from.

It might cost a bit of money but you probably won’t be planning a great new years eve party if you weren’t prepared to spend some money, right?

If you don’t want to spend for the tech, you can switch Spotify on or iTunes and turn the volume up!


There are plenty of things you can do on new year’s eve. In planning, think about the people you’re going to invite, what they like and what they’re used to. These will help you plan a party that your guests would truly enjoy!

Have a happy new year!



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