These Halloween Table Setting Ideas Will Complete Your Spooky Dinner Party

1Skull Floral Centerpiece


It’s pretty spooky seeing a skull on the center of your dining spread but if you or your guest are not easily grossed out, then this will truly add the ultimate Halloween feel.

Learn how to make it here.

2Elegant Pumpkin

You can get a hold of plastic pumpkins from department stores and all you need to do is to paint them with gold, white or black. You can even stencil a jack-o-lantern face after painting the plastic pumpkin for a more “horrific” effect.

Get the inspiration here.


3Black Lace Candles

For some reason this reminds me of Morticia Addams and nothing is more fit for Halloween than a Morticia Addams feel. You can even reuse this for other dinner parties since is super elegant!

Find the instructions here.

4Black China

I don’t care if it’s Halloween or not but I am in love with this black and gold china set. It’s elegant as heck and I might just keep my table like this!

5Witch’s Cauldron

If you can get your hands on some fairly good sized cauldrons, use it to serve your food or snacks! It’s cryptic and totally on top of the Halloween table setting ideas!


So, do you have enough Halloween table setting ideas to go from? You can also use the heck out of Pinterest if you need more.

All in all, just have fun! Halloween is supposed to be about the fun so don’t stress too much to the point you don’t enjoy it anymore! Plan your dinner in advance so you’re ahead!

Happy Halloween, Hippie Chicks!




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