Gypsy Pants With Patchwork Flair

Gypsy Patchwork Pants

These amazing gypsy pants with patchwork flair by Jayli are fun, funky and stylish. I love wearing pants that stand out and make the outfit, and these certainly do just that. The patchwork bottom half of these pants make them unique and chic.

Gypsy Patchwork Pants and Vest

About The Design :

The pants are made from sinker cotton and have a drawstring and fold over waist. The material has some stretch to them making them super comfortable. The patchwork is made from up-cycled materials that is then over dyed to give the pants a consistent look and feel.


How They Style It :

Jayli designed these pants to go with their amazing gypsy jacket, which we adore, paired with one of their solid tops.

Gypsy Patchwork Pants and Gypsy Patchwork Coat

They also style them with their handmade crochet vest which looks lovely.

Gypsy Patchwork Pants

Why We Love It :

These Gypsy Patchwork Flair Pants are bound to put some hop in your step. How could they not with the beautiful patchwork swinging around your ankles? The material and fit are not only super comfy but flattering, a win-win in our opinion. And you can pair them with a wide variety of different tops, jackets, sweaters, and vests.

Mocha Gypsy Patchwork Pants

What do you think about these pants? Would you love wearing them? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.


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25 Comments on "Gypsy Pants With Patchwork Flair"

Lisa Larsen

These pants are legit \”Hippie Flair\” ❤️ the retro look is boss❣I fell in love at first sight. Sizes and costs, please. I\’m six feet tall and thick so to speak. Thank you, Lisa Larsen

Sonia Perozzi

Hey Lisa I am not the creator of these awesome pants. Jayli, is the maker and seller. I have provided links in the blog that will take you there. Here is their website link too! Thank you!


You posted this awhile ago. I attempted multiple times to order and got no results. I\’m unclear on why you want responses if you\’re not making the clothing available to purchase.

Sonia Perozzi

Hey India, Sorry for the confusion I don\’t sell them, I write about things I really like. You can purchase them through the makers Jayli clothing here is their website or you can follow any of the links in the blog to get you there too. I think they have some new ones coming out too :)!


Yes, I\’d love wearing these, need 1 for each day of the 2 weeks!

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