This is How We Can All Help Stop Global Warming in the Simplest Ways

This is How We Can All Help Stop Global Warming in the Simplest Ways

No matter how one focuses on the good things in life there’s not a doubt our surrounding is suffering all the good that comes with the luxuries of life.

It’s a vicious cycle where mother nature always ends up to be the ultimate victim. We already know that we can do something about it even in our littlest ways but most of us just don’t want the responsibility.

Well, it’s time to step up and help mother nature with her impending enemy that is known to be global warming.

Ways to Help Stop Global Warming

1Use Renewable Energy

There are electric companies that get 50% of their power from the wind or solar panels. Another option is decrease your usage of provided energy by installing solar panels at home. You can use the saved up energy during the night and shut off the main power source.


2Invest in Better Appliances

I know this for a fact because it took us a few enormous power bills to realize. Older appliances use up more electricity and most of them are not compatible to alternative energy. Most appliances are now what they call ‘inverter’. These appliances recycles voltage that runs through the unit which means it’s energy efficient.

3Unplug Unused Household Items

Even the simplest act of pulling the plug on unused appliances at home helps stop global warming. We usually shut off our fridge during the night because most units have double insulation which keeps the cold locked in for a good period of time. You can also do this in other ways such as unplugging the TV after watching. You can also install a wall socket that has an on and off switch to make it more convenient.

4Conserve Water

Water needs to be pumped and energy is need for the pump to work. The more water you use the more energy you consume as well. Conserve your water. Don’t leave the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth or instead of dumping you tub water, make an extra effort to haul it in buckets to wash your car. There are plenty of ways to save or re-use water for other things.

5Tune Up Your Car

Air pollution is one of the major contributors to global warming. Factories and manufacturing companies are probably giant contributors but the population is also to be given credit. The smoke in your well-maintained car is already bad for the air. How much more if your car sputters black smoke everyday? It may take time, effort and money to keep a car tuned up but it has a whole lot of other benefits as well. Your car lasts longer and you help the environment.


There are more ways to help stop global warming but it has to start from us. We can’t expect others to do what we think they must do if we don’t take up the responsibility ourselves. Be mindful of what you do and really make an effort to make the world a better place for the next generation. Your kids or your grand kids will be a part of that. Don’t you want them to live in a healthy surrounding?

If we all pitch in, we can enjoy mother nature longer. All it takes is that first step.


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