These Bohemian Inspired Christmas Fireplace Decoration Ideas Make the Season Merrier!

1Lots of Greenery


I would probably not go for that many candles to lessen the risk of setting my house on fire but I definitely love the rustic vibe the greenery gives. You can use fresh greenery or buy the artificial ones.

Of course, this would be so much better with an actual fire in the pit!

2Colored Candles

A simple arrangement of brightly colored candles is more than enough to drastically change the look of your usually plain-looking fireplace to a Christmas fireplace to be envied.

Plus, bright bold colors scream boho chic all day!


3White Boho Christmas Fireplace

I love the fringe on the different shades of white Christmas stockings. It gives me an elegant yet hippie feel. I wouldn’t mind taking the dog, too!

4Elegant Wild Side

Although this isn’t really bohemian, the rustic feel of the faux fur and the garland gives off a one-with-nature aura. Adding colored candles and some glass beads would make this more boho!

5Starry Hippie Mantle

The vibrant colors and the all the uneven cuts of the fabric is perfect! I can only imagine how the fire would bounce off the colors! It’s going to be nothing short of pretty!

6Neutrally Rustic

If you’re not into the super bohemian style, you can do something neutral and rustic instead. It’s still hippie and very elegant.

Christmas fireplace

I don’t now about you but this Christmas fireplace is so pretty, it can even stay like that the entire year!

Swap out the dummy books for log during the winters and put them back when you don’t need to start fires during the year!


Pretty, aren’t they? Give these Christmas fireplace decoration ideas this year. You may never know, it could be a new holiday tradition for you!

Happy holidays!





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