Bohemian Garden Tepees Perfect to Hang Out In

1Cozy in the Forest


I wonder if a genie would come out of that golden pot. Either way, this looks like an enchanted fantasy!

2Gypsy Style

If you’ve seen the Hutchback of Notre Dam, you’d know who Esmeralda is. She’s a gypsy and if she was real, I totally can picture her chilling in one of these bohemian garden tepees.

3Boho Chill

I love reading and I think if I didn’t live in such a humid climate, I would totally put one of these bohemian garden tepees in my backyard! I’d bring a cold glass of tea and my favorite book to pass the afternoon!

4Picture Perfect Tepee

Want a boho inspired pre-nup shoot? Here’s a great idea! The lace and the contrast of colors makes a perfect background for your pictures!


5Boho By the Beach

How about a romantic evening by the beach with your special someone? The bottle of wine won’t hurt either! Yes, please!

6Canopy Style

Remember the chick flick stint I was talking about? This is what I had in mind. You can stick out your head to gaze at the stars. Works with hanging out with your girls or having a special eve with your man.

7Back Yard Color

This is probably one of my favorites. The deep blue and purple colors just tickle my senses! If only I could find fabric as colorful as these but waterproof, I would make this a staple in my yard!


So, did you find your bohemian garden tepees inspiration here? Which one is your favorite? Let us know by dropping us a comment below!






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