Best Essential Oils For A Better Nights Sleep

Best Essential Oils For A Better Nights Sleep

Do You Want Better Sleep Naturally?

There is no question that many of us suffer from either not getting enough sleep or not getting proper healthy sleep. I know first hand how frustrating and toll taking it is on the body, mind, and spirit when it seems that sleep is not on your side. In this article you will find –

11 Essential Oils For Sleep

Which Scent Is For You?


Recipe & Video : Make Your Own Stock Sleeping Blend

Recipe & Video: Try A Few Drops Of These Essential Oils Before Bed

You Are Not Alone In Your Struggles For Better Sleep

One night in my frustration and with a bit of humor, I wrote a post, 20 Signs You Might Be An Insomniac. Honestly, I didn’t expect or think anyone would read it. Surprisingly, I found that people did and they related to me and how I struggled with it! I wanted to change that, for myself, and for those who suffer from sleep deprivation right along with me.

I decided to try essential oils to help in aiding me sleep because I tend to shy away from pharmaceuticals, i.e. sleeping pills, muscle relaxers etc. I have nothing against them, or those who use them, it is just not my cup of tea. I prefer herbal remedies, when I can.

So, its no wonder I wanted to try all natural remedies for my sleeping issues. On my journey I have come to love essential oils, the results have been dreamy.

11 Essential Oils For Getting Better Sleep

9 essential oils for sleep
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I greatly appreciate that there is more than one essential oil that can aid in getting better sleep. It offers more options and possibilities to finding the right one. Here are 11 essential oils in which studies have been found to be helpful in aiding in sleep and relaxation.

1. Lavender Essential Oil – The most widely-researched essential oil for sleep, with many positive results. Lavender oil is also used for a variety of purposes and a staple essential oil for any collection.

“One placebo-controlled study titled “An olfactory stimulus modifies nighttime sleep in young men and women” found: “Lavender increased the percentage of deep or slow-wave sleep (SWS) in men and women. All subjects reported higher vigor the morning after lavender exposure, corroborating the restorative SWS increase. Lavender also increased stage 2 (light) sleep, and decreased rapid-eye movement (REM) sleep and the amount of time to reach wake after first falling asleep (wake after sleep onset latency) in women…”

via Science Says We May Get Smarter, Sleep Better and Be Happier with These Essential Oils…

Here is a wonderful lavender essential oil by First Botany Cosmeceuticals

lavender essential oil

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The rest of the essential oils I have listed in alphabetical order –

2. Bergamot Essential Oil – Known for its bright, clean, uplifting citrus scent. Research shows it aides in healing and balancing the nervous system. This is a great one for those nights when it seems you cannot quiet your mind.

bergamot essential oil

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Find Bergamot essential oil here

3. Cedarwood – Is an excellent natural sedative. It helps soothe and relieve the mind as well as any inflammatory issues. It releases tension which allows for a better nights sleep free from pain and aches. It is also great for any itchy skin issues, which can be very disruptive to getting a good nights sleep.

cedarwood essential oil doTerra


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Find Cedarwood essential oil here

4. Chamomile (Roman) – Is one of the most popular essential oils second only to lavender. Roman Chamomile has a wide variety of uses making it a favorite for many. It is a powerfully soothing and calming oil for both physical and emotional conditions. It has a calming effect and is also know for its anti inflammatory properties. Here you can find 4 stress relief recipes using Chamomile.

chamomile essential oil

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Find Chamomile essential oil here

5. Clary Sage – If you are extremely stressed out and need to calm down or even concentrate Clary Sage is the way to go. It is also an essential oil that your nerves will love. It helps with any issues regarding bodily convulsions as well as anxiety and vertigo. For women it also assists in relieving menstrual pain.

clary sage essential oil

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Find Clary Sage essential oil here

6. Green Mandarin – Is considered an oil that helps with balancing emotions. If you cannot shut your mind off at night Green Mandarin works on your nervous system to relax, let go and turn off the “chatty mind” so you can sleep through the night.

green mandarin essential oil

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Find Green Mandarin essential oil here

7. Orange – Is an essential oil that is great for increasing the amount of time you stay asleep. If you tend to wake up often citrus oils are known to help combat that. Orange essential oil also helps to induce a sense of happiness.

orange essential oil

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Find Orange essential oil here.

8. Vanilla – Is a natural mood booster. For me personally, whenever I smell vanilla it invokes in me thoughts of things warm, sweet and happy. Therefore calming me while at the same time uplifting my spirit. However, in more technical terms Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde, a property of vanilla essential oil, is an effective antidepressant and mood lifter.

vanilla essential oil

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Find Vanilla essential oil here

9. Valerian – Many studies have been done with Valerian for treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders. It is another one of the most popular essential oils used to help promote better sleep and has been since ancient times.

valerian essential oil

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Find Valerian essential oil here.

10. Vetiver Essential Oil – A soporific essential oil whose strong scent may take some getting used to. However, lab tests show vetiver produces an anxiolytic effect on the brain’s neurons – calming anxious feelings. Vetiver also helps with dementia, ADHD and is considered to be grounding.

vetiver essential oil

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Find Vetiver essential oil here.

11. Ylang Ylang – Is great if you are feeling really emotional. It is known as a natural aphrodisiac and helps in dealing with emotions that are keeping you twisted up and awake at night such on issues surrounding forgiveness.

ylang ylang doTerra essenatial oil

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Find Ylang Ylang essential oil here

Which Scent Is For You?

Which Essential Oil Scent Is Best For You
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There can be a lot of reasons as to why you are not getting a sufficient, healthy amount of sleep – stress, anxiety, hormones…to name a just a few. Different essential oils can target different issues, as pointed out above and as you will discover in the videos below. It only makes sense to pick the essential oils that will target your sleep issues and assist in alleviating them.

I encourage you to explore, try, test, and find the mix right for you. I have provided a couple of different blends from professionals to help you get started on your way.

Essential Tip : Try not to quickly dismiss an essential oil if the intial smell seems too strong or “wrong” for you. Often times the blending of an essential oil with others or a carrier oil dilutes it and makes the aroma far more pleasurable. Remember, essential oils are potent, which is why in many recipes only a few drops are required.

 Make Your Own Stock Essential Oil Sleep Blend

In this video you will learn from Aromahead Institute founder, Andrea Butje, who was currently presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA), on how to make your own stock blend for sleep. This recipe is called a stock recipe because it will last you for a couple of months.

Below the video you will find the recipe written out for your convenience and the products in which she discusses.

What You Will Need –

1 Glass Graduated Cylinder for measuring. Find one here. If you do not have a graduated cylinder use about 25 drops per 1 ml of oil.

1 Glass Orfice Reducer Bottle 5 ml. Find one here.

Sleep Blend Recipe –

1 ml Lavender Essential Oil.
1 ml Green Mandarin Essential Oil
2 ml Bergamot Essential Oil

Diffusers –

The PureSpa Diffuser is a lightweight diffuser making it easily portable. It is quiet and diffuses aroma for up to 7 hours.

PureSpa Diffuser

Learn more about the PureSpa Diffuser here

The Puzhen Five Senses Yun Diffuser is made with an oak base and hand-blown glass top. It has a remote control for easy use and includes built in speakers with preset music or you can hook up your own mp3. Color changes along with mood of the music and can be auto set for length of time.

Puzhen 5 Senses Diffuser

Learn more about the Puzhen 5 Sense Diffuser here.


Inhalers – 

If you would like to make your own inhaler, find the proper materials needed here.

*Essential Tip : Any essential oils or blends should always be stored in dark colored glass bottles. Most oils are commonly found in amber, blue or dark green colored glass bottles, this keeps the oils safe from sunlight and light in general that can compromise the oils themselves.

Each Night Before Bed Try One Of These Essential Oils

Dr. Axe shares the essential oils both himself and his wife use to get a goodnights sleep.

Below the video I have transcribed the recipe for your convience.

Sleep Blend Recipe & Use :

2 drops Lavender

2 drops Chamomile (Roman Chamomile)

1 drop Vetiver

He recommends using this recipe by rubbing it directly onto the back of your neck, under your nose or using a diffuser <add link> in your bedroom.

*Essential Tip – While essential oils can be directly applied to skin, as Dr. Axe and many other professionals suggest, it is always wise to test first for any allergic reactions. As a precaution, it is often recommended when applying an essential oil directly to the skin to mix it with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, coconut oil etc.

You Are Not Alone In Needing More Sleep

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 52% of respondents said they would consider 8 hours to be a good night’s sleep. 14% would prefer to get 9 or more hours a night. 21% consider 7 hours to be sufficient. 9% would be fine with 6. 2% would even settle for 5. And just 2% would consider 4 or fewer hours a night to be a decent amount of sleep.

But what we strive for is not always what we achieve. Just 6% of respondents said they get 9 or more hours of sleep a night. 16% get about 8 hours a night. 25% get about 7 hours a night. 32% average about 6 hours a night. 12% get about 5 hours of sleep. 7% get 4 hours a night. And 3% get 3 or fewer hours on average.

Napping Habits

But even those who don’t get a lot of sleep at night can supplement with naps. 11% of respondents said they take naps pretty much every day. 26% usually take a few naps a week. 10% do so about once a week. 12% take a few naps per month. 3% take just about one per month. 29% said they rarely ever take naps. And 10% never do.

Adverse Effects

So it seems that most people don’t get quite as much sleep as they would like to. But how many have seen that lack of sleep actually have negative effects? 41% of respondents said they’ve experienced difficulty concentrating due to a lack of sleep. 39% have experienced difficulty remembering things. 30% have experienced general health issues due to a lack of sleep. 27% have had trouble completing tasks at work or school. 19% have had trouble working on hobbies. 15% have had issues with driving or taking other forms of transportation. And 12% have struggled with managing their finances.

via Sleep Stats: Most Experience Adverse Effects from Lack of Sleep

Obviously, I am no doctor and I am not offering any professional or medical advice, promise or cure, to any sleep problems you may have, but I am looking and working on this issue myself and I wanted to share what I found with you. I hope you find it helpful and please share any experiences you have had with essential oils for sleeping better. Leave your thoughts in the comments below. The more we share the more we all learn.

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