Beautiful Bohemian Table Settings To Feast Upon

These beautiful fall bohemian table settings are sure to inspire you for your Thanksgiving feast, or any fall get together with family and friends. With a lovely mixture of color, flowers, candles and more these table settings stimulate the senses. Create a warm, inviting table this fall while expressing your own personal flair and style for the boho chic.

1. Purple & Persimmons

There are so many gorgeous elements to this table setting it is hard to pick a favorite. But, if I really have to it is the persimmons still on their branches that act as a stunning table runner. The rich color of the purple napkins also pop out to me, along with the rich colors of the small vases full of flowers deep in rich and color.

Beautiful Bohemian Table Setting

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2. An Eclectic Autumn

I love the wheat stalks arranged among the flowers. The different sizes of  vases along with the placing of them at different heights is creative and fun. I adore how one vase may hold a singular flower while others a gorgeous arrangement. The colorful table runner and mismatched chairs are charming and really add to the eclectic feel.

Bohemian Fall Table Setting 2

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3. Lace, Flowers and Colored Glass

A romantic and sweet bohemian table setting if ever we saw one. Love the lace table runner and the different colored glass that compliment the plates and stunning bouquet centerpiece. The flowers are gorgeous and the subtle tones of the napkins and placements create a lovely balance of natural elements with bold colors.

Bohemian Table Settings

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