Accent Pieces ~ Handwoven Crochet Vest By All Women’s Nepali Co-op

Handwoven Crochet Vest
No wardrobe is complete with out a few major accent pieces ~ You know the ones I’m talking about…
The special little pieces that make your outfit pop! One of my favorite is this long crochet vest because it can be worn with nearly everything.
handwoven crochet vest Jayli Designs
We often think that crochet is only a summer item, what we forget is that the beauty of crochet is in the layering. The contrast of design over color to high light the details and romantic weavings.
handwoven crochet vest Jayli Designs
Yes this vest over a bikini poolside is an all time classic, but adding this piece over your everyday jeans and sweater transforms your outfit from average to unique! It is a whimsical and flirty piece, that flows long down your back with an intricate web pattern.
handwoven crochet vest Jayli Designs
You can match it with your most casual of clothes for a day out with the girls or the most special occasions, over a floral summer dress for that June wedding…. the possibilities are endless and timeless and at the end of the day you can feel good knowing you are supporting your fellow women. Each piece of Jayli crochet is hand woven by an all women’s Nepali Co-op, supporting women’s rights & freedom!
handwoven crochet vest Jayli Designs
You will feel beautiful & strong wrapped in Women Power!
handwoven crochet vest Jayli Designs
All images belong to Jayli.


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