8 Dream Catcher Cakes Perfect for a Dreamy Boho Chic Wedding

1On the Edge


I love the contrast of circles and the sharp edges of the base cake. This isn’t really your typical elegantly made wedding cake but this is perfect for someone like me who’s not at all on the girly side!

2Pocahontas Inspired

According to the creator of this cake, this is inspired by the Disney princess, Pocahontas. The color scheme clearly shows that and this will be one of the favorites on this dream catcher cakes list for sure!

3Golden Carvings

Don’t you just love how the feathers are carved on the cake one by one? And also how the dream catchers look antique on the top layer! Dreamy, indeed!

4White and Pink

Now, this is perfect for a very feminine bride. This could even pass as a baby shower cake! Although I hate pink, this is truly a sight to look at!



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