7 Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes to Try This Year

Must Try Vegan Thanksgiving Dishes

1Green Bean Casserole


Green bean casseroles are staples in the thanksgiving dinner spread. It’s practically and tradition! And though it’s made of vegetables, the bread crumbs, heavy cream and other flavorings make it a tad unhealthy. Try this recipe here!

2Vegan Cornbread Stuffing

This one of the vegan thanksgiving dishes that I will try this year. I love my bird stuffed to the brim and stuffing it with a much healthier corn bread stuffing sounds like a good way to go! Grab the recipe here!

3Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Thanksgiving is not complete in my book without shepherd’s pie. I absolutely love the puffy crust paired with a creamy and meaty stuffing. One serving is enough to fill your stomach so why not make it lighter and healthier? See the full recipe here.

4Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

When we talk about thanksgiving, we think about the color orange and pumpkins and squashes. Personally, I love starting out a full course meal with a soup. And what better way to give your appetite a starting lick with a squash soup? Find the recipe here.


5Vegan Mushroom Wellington

I’ve frustrated myself several times by indulging in our traditional beef wellington dish during thanksgiving. It’s super rich and extremely filling. I end up missing out on the other great dishes! Opting for a lighter mushroom wellington sounds like a delicious idea! This is definitely one of the vegan thanksgiving dishes you should give a try! Grab the recipe here.

6Vegan Gravy

Okay, this is not a dish. But, it completes a thanksgiving dinner, especially if you’re not that into cranberry sauce like me. To be honest though, my usual gravy recipe involves butter, bacon fats and a beef bullion. It’s good but totally unhealthy. So, I’m taking this recipe from here and giving this a try!

7Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Let’s cap it off with a pretty dessert! It’s vegan, paleo and gluten free! I love purple sweet potatoes and since we’re pretty tired of pumpkin pies, this is a good sub this year! You can try the recipe here!

I’m sure you have your traditional thanksgiving menu already planned but it wouldn’t to incorporate one or two of these vegan thanksgiving dishes in this year’s menu.

Either way, we want to greet you first a Happy Thanksgiving!






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