7 Vegan Mousse Recipes Perfect for the Healthy Hippie with a Sweet Tooth

1Healthy Peanut Butter Mousse


You’re probably wondering how peanut butter can be healthy, right? Well, this recipe does not call for a single spoon of peanut butter at all. This recipe will show you how to make your own faux peanut butter that still tastes sinfully good!

Check it out here.

2Coconut Lemon Mousse

Here’s a tropical combination of sweet and tangy; creamy and smooth. Coconut cream, coconut sugar and lemon zest are the only ingredients you need! Simple yet totally capable of wowing palates!

Find the full recipe here.


3Matcha Mousse Cake

I don’t know why but lately, trending foods have a green base color. The avocado first then the matcha green tea. Starbucks has a matcha drink and it’s currently one of the best sellers. Is it just social influence? Or is matcha really good?

Only way to find out is to create this piece of heaven for yourself! Grab the recipe here.

4Lavender Berry Mousse

Where I’m from, berries is not an easy commodity to come by and they don’t come cheap. Which is why this will be in my list of vegan mousse recipes that I will try the next time I travel where I can easily get a hold of berries. It has different kinds of berries, coconut cream, cashews and lavender oil!

I can already imagine how tarty, fruity and flowery this would smell! Try it here!


There we have them, folks! Seven vegan mousse recipes you can try for each day of the week or for your next dinner parties at home! They’re healthy but still is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in a comment below!




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