7 Vegan Mousse Recipes Perfect for the Healthy Hippie with a Sweet Tooth

1Avocado Chocolate Mousse 


Avocados have taken a lot of attention these past few years. What because of the on-going trend of the avocado toast, more and more people are including the fruit in different recipes.

This decadent chocolate mousse is made with fresh avocados and made healthier by using almond milk, organic sugar and dark chocolate. Get the full recipe here.

2Strawberry Mousse

I love super easy recipes so this one is truly one that will make my book of vegan mousse recipes. All it needs are fresh strawberries, heavy cream like coconut cream and either honey or maple syrup!

It’s vegan, gluten free and super fresh! Grab the recipe here!


3Papaya Mousse

Here’s something really exotic for an adventurous after dinner treat. Papayas are already super sweet when you get them ripe. The rounder or the smaller the papaya; the sweeter they are. You won’t even need any other kind of sugar in this recipe. Plus, it has nuts and chia seeds!

You can’t get any healthier than that! Learn how to make this here.


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