7 Fabulous Inspirations for your Bohemian Bathroom Goals!

7 Fabulous Inspirations for your Bohemian Bathroom Goals

Hey there, hippie chic readers!

I love decorating my home and making every space in my house my own. Guess what’s one of my favorite spaces in my house?

No, it’s not just the kitchen and the bedroom. I try my best to make this pace really me and pleasing to the eye. After all, I’m not the only one who uses it for comfort. Yes, you guessed it right. The bathroom!

I always told my parents I’d rather have a small bedroom than a tiny bathroom. I take pleasure in soaking in a warm bath or a hot shower after working out so I really prefer a bathroom I can move around in. And since we’re all hippie chicks here, let’s focus on a favorite theme – bohemian!


Check out these ideas if you’re planning to redecorate your bathroom!

Bohemian Bathroom Inspirations

bohemian bathroom

1Embrace Patterned Textile

Bohemian themes rely a lot on patterns. A mixture of aztec, tribal and floral patterns. You can either opt for a bathroom rug, bathroom window curtain or a shower curtain for the bohemian bathroom look.

2Floor Tiles

There are plenty of patterned tiles you can choose from. Some are simply colored so it’s not so loud. Then, there are others with a perfect match of patterns and bright colors. Choose according to what pleases you more.

3Wall Accessories

Bare walls are so ugly. You either pop it with color or add elements to make it a focal point of your bathroom. You can hang a huge patterned rug, a vintage cupboard or something rustic.


You can totally add to the look of your bohemian bathroom by adding plants! It can’t get any more hippie than that! 😉

5Wood and Rugs

You will never go wrong with the combination of wood fixtures and a colorful rug! The deep earth tone of wood and the lighter earth tones of rugs always make a soothing sight to the eyes.

6Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

I love the color contrast of the brass looking shower fixture and the trendy hip color of the blue patterned tiles. It might not be the easiest thing to find but you can always DIY your fixtures by painting them!


It’s not only for aesthetic purposes but it also boosts the warmth of your ambiance. Imagine soaking in the tub, lights dim and only these scented candles to give your bathroom warm light? Perfect.


So, you ready to re-vamp your bathroom space? These inspirations and ideas should give you the picture you want your bohemian bathroom to look like!

Happy decorating!





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