7 Boho Chic Fall Fashion Ideas to Rock This Year

1Fall Mini Dress


Fall fashion totally welcomes mini-dresses! It may be a lot cooler than summer but pair it up with war tights and tuck your feet into a pair of shin-high or ankle boots and you’re good to go!

2Over-sized Fall Fashion

One thing I love about fall fashion is the openness for over-sized clothing. Boyfriend shirts or sweaters work well with tight fitting jeans and ankle boots. They’re actually better at keeping you warm!

3Printed Kimonos

Kimonos are made from light material but it put in top of other layers of clothing and it’s perfect for the cooling fall weather! And, they look fab to boot!

4Poncho Fall Fashion

Yay! Your thick ponchos can now be used! Pair it up with nice jeans and platform shoes to complete your hippie fall look!


5Maxi Dress

You can look sexy during the fall. Try a soft maxi dress with a pair of knee high boots. The boots will keep your legs warm and you can wear a light cardigan or jacket on top to keep your upper torso warm as well.

6Dress and Boots

I sure hope you kept you boots in mint condition during the spring and summer seasons because now, you can wear the heck out of them!

7Boho Blouse

I am loving the boho chic loose embroidered blouse and the bell bottom pants! Very hippie yet super chic! If only I won’t be sweating bullets wearing this in a tropical country, I would wear this.


Inspired to try these fall fashion looks yet? If you are, get ready to raid your closet or shop at you fave boho store! These are tried and tested fall outfits every boho chic chick would love.

Keep warm and keep fab, beauties!





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