5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Home For Spring

5 Ways To Rejuvenate Your Home For Spring

Welcome Spring Into Your Home Decor


Spring is a beautiful time of year, a favorite season for many, and it is easy to understand why. We are coming out of the cold and dark of winter. During the winter months we hibernate and reflect on the year passed. With the arrival of spring, we stretch our limbs, open our arms, and turn our faces towards the sun, to new hopes, new beginnings and a fresh start.

Our home decor is an outer reflection of both our physical and inner world. In the winter we bring out our heavy blankets, and decorate with deeper, darker tones. We keep windows and doors closed to keep out the chill. In spring however, we do the opposite, we open our homes to the long-awaited warmth of the sun. We let the light in, we let the breeze move through our spaces, clearing out the old to let in the new.

The physical space around you, your home decor, can lift you up or bring you down. Welcome Spring into your living space with these 5 ways to rejuvenate your home.

1. Flowers, Fluers, Fiori 


With flowers now blooming why not bring some into your home? Fresh flowers in a room really does wonders. They instantly add positive, beautiful energy into your space. Their beauty and fragrance are sure to brighten your home, your mind and your day. Pick wildflowers during a hike, or from your garden. Visit your local farmer’s market and buy a bouquet for yourself or maybe even a friend or two. Buy that beautiful bouquet of tulips when shopping for groceries.

srping flowers

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For a little more flower flair, garlands or leis are another way to bring them into your home and you can make them yourself. I enjoy rose leis and have a made a few myself that are hanging in places throughout my home, they are quite lovely and make for a sweet gift too.

Rose lei garland

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Pictures or paintings of flowers can be just as rejuvenating and provide lovely pops of color. Not to mention it is always a treat to add a new piece of art to your home, or to create your own. The art is not limited to just pictures or something to hang on your wall, don’t forget you can include sculptures of flowers too.

2. Change The Colors Of Your Materials And Accessories

As previously mentioned, we tend to decorate our homes with darker, richer, earthier tones during winter. To welcome spring lighten up your color palette. Change your curtains to a more pastel or light color. Replace your shower curtains with colorful, floral prints.Make your bed each day with a brighter set of bedding and patterns that sing of spring.

boho bedding for spring

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Add a hippie tapestry to your wall or couch that is vibrant and bold.

Elephant Hippie Tapestry

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Table clothes are a fantastic way to bring spring life to your kitchen. Throw pillows in spring colors are a wonderful addition, as well as vibrant or pastel hues of ceramics and vases.

3. Spring Cleaning

I realize this is probably the most least favorite thing to do, except for a few hardcore Virgo and Sagittarius I know:) However, I have to say that no matter what, it always ends up feeling really good to clean out and clear up space. I always feel “lighter” and more energetic after cleaning out a space. Like a burden has been lifted off of my shoulders. Sweep out the old, stale energy.

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Don’t forget your closets! Just because it seems like it is out of sight does not make it out of mind, or in this case energy. It is the perfect time to tackle what is hiding behind those doors. You don’t necessarily have to throw everything out either. I have recently become a fan of these vacuum sealable bags, they are fantastic for storing away winter apparel. Sometimes a little reorganizing with proper closet storage does wonders.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one who highly organizes everything, I actually envy those who do. I still have stacks of paper and junk drawers, but it is good to purge. To eliminate “stuff” you no longer need. Donate it, recycle it, get it out of your space. Remember, it is about shedding the old to make room for the new.

4. Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Flowers are not only way to bring a piece of the outdoors into your indoors. Plants are wonderful to fill with your house with as well. They add life and vibrancy to any home, not to mention they assist in keeping your air clean, a win-win.

Indoor Plants

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You can also collect your favorite nature keepsakes and include them in your home decor. This can be anything you deem a natures treasure – feathers, rocks, seashells. Create a spring altar or shelf that holds what spring represents for you.

5. Aromas of Spring

In the fall and winter I create my own natural potpourri filled with scents of cinnamon, spices and more. In the spring. I long to smell fresh, flower laden scents to fill up my home. I enjoy smells that invoke memories of meadows and flowers in bloom.

An all natural way to incorporate spring aromas is by using an essential oil diffuser to fill your air with lovely scents. Use essential oils of your favorite flower essences like lavender, jasmine or geranium rose.

essential oil diffuser

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Candles are wonderful not only for their scent but for their fabulous decor element as well. Candles add a lovely ambience and personal feel to your home. My all time favorite are made by White Magick Alchemy. They are all handmade, gorgeous in design, and smell heavenly. They are constantly adding new designs and scents that magically fit each season and different holidays. I always receive compliments on them and keep a collection of them through out my home year round.

White Magick Alchemy Spring Candle

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What are some ways you enjoy welcoming spring into your home decor? Please share your tips and ideas in the comments below, we love hearing from you.




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