4 Practical and Great Ways to Lessen Menstrual Cramps Effectively

4 Practical and Great Ways to Lessen Menstrual Cramps Effectively

Ahhhh…it’s that time of the month, ladies. And, we just want to rip out our ovaries so our misery would come to an end. Yes. It’s the red tide and you’re crumpled to ball in bed wailing as if you’re suffering a toothache. Yes, I also know it hurts more than a toothache.

And every month, we try and try different ways to relieve the pain to the point of resorting to popping a few Tylenol – which isn’t good by the way. To top it off, it doesn’t work every time!

Let’s give these a try then!

Ways to Lessen Menstrual Cramps

ways to lessen menstrual cramps

1Essential Oils

Some essential oils are proven to be one of the effective ways to lessen menstrual cramps. Lavender oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds that help decrease muscle tension and stress.


Peppermint oil is found to help PMS symptoms such as lower back pain and abdominal pain. Clary Sage, on the other hand, regulates menstrual cycles and ease menopausal symptoms.

Simply rub a few drops around the abdominal area and apply warm compress.

2Heating Pads

We already know warm compress relieves many kinds of pain. I get really bad cramps and I put hot water in a glass jar, wrap it in a kitchen towel and hug it near my tummy. This is one of my go-to ways to lessen menstrual cramps.

You can make your own microwavable heating pad. They’re very easy to make yet very useful for many incidents.


It’s actually not only aerobics. Cardio exercises help pump blood and circulate them into your system which relieves the cramps. Cramps happen because of either excessive or insufficient blood flow. Aerobics, though, might be a bit more enjoyable because you do it with other people.

Sweating also releases happy hormones called endorphins in your body. Exercise is one of the best ways to lessen menstrual cramps and you lose weight too!

4Eat Less Fat and More Greens

Not eating healthy messes up with the balance of your hormones. This is the reason why most obese women have menstrual cramps compared to those who eat a balanced healthy diet. Greens and plant based food help with hormonal imbalance so let go of the saturated fat-filled food. I’m not saying go vegan. Just lessen the junk and increase the good. 🙂





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