4 Must-Try Tree House Restaurants Around the Globe

4 Must Try Tree houses Around The Globe

I’ve always been adventurous when it comes to food. It can be something exotic, something I’ve never tried before or something I would never even dream of trying.

Food is supposed to be enjoyed like an adventure. It gives you an adrenaline rush when numerous flavors burst and blend so well together inside your mouth. It’s pleasure and sin at the same time.

The location and the ambiance just makes the entire gastronomic experience even better. Imagine if you were taken back to your childhood days when you were roughing it up in a tree house. Only this time, you’re in the presence of really great food?

Check out these tree house restaurants!


Must-Try Tree House Restaurants

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1Tree House Restaurant – Monteverde

Known for it’s Costa Rican- Latin infusion cuisine, Tree House Monteverde is truly an experience to try. It’s centered around a ficus tree and the matching woodsy interior makes one feel like dining in the forest. Tree House Monteverde is not only known for it’s great infusion food. They have their coffee to boast about too.

Check it out here.

2Treepod Dining – Soneva Kiri

Out of all the tree house restaurants I’ve heard of online, this is probably one I would definitely include in my bucket list. It’s high up, accessible by zip lining and it’s in Thailand! You get to enjoy a romantic yet adventurous dining experience while enjoying the glorious view of the ocean.

Check it out here.

3Tree Room – Sundance Mountain Resort

Located in the mountains of Utah, Tree Room gives you a very homey feeling amidst the lush green views. Designed with the warmth of a log cabin, the Tree Room surprises you with it’s Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Rating fine dining among its other prestigious award.

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4Redwoods Treehouse – New Zealand 

Prior to it’s unavailability to the public, Redwoods was fully operational restaurant for a while. Now, it’s only open for private events and the cocoon can fit about 30 guests seated or 50 standing guests making it perfect for weddings and intimate celebrations. They also offer an exceptional catering service!

Take a look here.


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