3 Sweet And Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas


3. Give The Gift Of Manifestation

manifestation jar

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Give a manifestation jar or box. This gift idea is great for just about anyone in your life, whether you know them well or are just building a friendship with them. Pick a small container and fill it with items representing different aspects of their lives, such as, love, health, adventure, abundance etc. You can add as many items as you would like or just one or two to get them started. Attach a card letting them know it is a manifestation jar to be filled with all their hearts desires for the New Year.

Here are few ideas:

Include a heart shaped gem to represent love or whatever their heart desires

A quote or mantra good for manifesting positivity in their lives

A coin for abundance

A small charm, for example – Wings for letting go, new adventures and moving onward and upward in life. A plane for travel, a totem animal, etc.

The ideas are endless and you can really have a lot of fun with this one.

Even though these gifts are small, they are sweet and definitely thoughtful. Part of the gift itself is in how you present it, have fun with it and let your creative side come through.

I am definitely going to be doing something like this again for the holidays. Do you have any sweet but thoughtful gift ideas?



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